Workers’ Compensation

1 app. 20+ carriers. Dozens of quotes at your fingertips.

A digital workers’ comp insurance platform

Submit and manage apps through custom submission management software developed specifically for agents like you. No paper apps. No fax machines. Just you, your laptop, and amazing markets from top national carriers.

Hundreds of Class

From construction to transportation, we've got you covered And if
you're looking for owner-only policies, we do that too.

Why SolePro?

Single Submission Platform

Don't re-enter information on multiple
portals. With us, you'll complete a single
app, and our technology will do the rest.

Multiple Quote Comparisons

Access quotes from dozens of
workers' comp carriers with one
application (No paper apps).

Sign and Bind Online

We're completely digital. Sign,
bind, pay, renew -- all with the
click of a button.

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