About SolePro

Here's a hint: We like making things easy.

 Who we are

Workers' comp experts.

SolePro is an online insurance broker offering easy and efficient solutions for agents looking to provide businesses with fast, affordable insurance. Our team is made up of underwriters, account managers, and problem solvers.

Our insurance professionals have been working in the insurance industry for over 100 years combined, and specialize in online workers' compensation programs. Here is a look at our team.

Meet SolePro
Steve Love  |  President

Throughout his 30+ years in the industry, Steve has launched several agencies, brokerages, and specialty programs. Steve is a father of four girls and enjoys spending time at the family beach house. When he’s not working, Steve can be found fishing or in the kitchen making his famous seafood chowder.

Jeff Valentine  |  VP, Sales & Partnerships

As an industry professional with over 20 years of experience, Jeff began his career in sales management -- later working as a broker, and ultimately, an agency owner. Formerly in the US Navy, Jeff loves running with his pup, traveling, and grilling out with his wife and two boys.

Tina Miller  |  Executive Director

Tina has worked in insurance for over 30 years, and has been with SolePro from the beginning. With years of operational experience, she manages the day-to-day, processes accounts, and provides system demos to make writing business with us easier. Request a demo. When Tina's not at work, you can find her loving on her grandkids, crocheting, or rocking out with her worship band.

Jade Sullivan  |  Experience Design, Strategy

With a Master's in business and creative technology, Jade has a variety of skills and a passion for problem solving. Obsessed with making things simple, she is dedicated to streamlining agents' workflow and making writing insurance easier. Jade is known for taking long lunch breaks to go surf, cooking, and researching way too much stuff.

Bethany Ashburn  |  Director of Underwriting

Former Navy Master at Arms and juvenile correctional officer, Bethany knows how to get things done. Extremely organized and efficient, she is great at processing submissions and managing agent relationships. Outside of work Bethany can be found spending time with her two daughters outside, or working on home organization.

Hannah Sullivan  |  Communications, Design

Hannah loves to fuse design into whatever she does. With a Master's in business and art direction, Hannah enjoys working to improve insurance and those who interact with it. Outside of work, Hannah can be found gardening, people watching, or taking her dog to the park.

Elizabeth Clarke  |  Account Manager

With a background in sales and management, Elizabeth handles transactions, renewals, and endorsements with ease. When she's not working, Elizabeth loves hanging out with her fur babies, going to the beach, and binge watching Netflix.

Henry  |  Chief of Barketing

This pup is the office busy body. He’s constantly running around, checking in on the team, and peeping what everyone’s eating for lunch. When Henry isn’t earning his keep, he can be found lounging, barking at the mailman, or following Steve wherever he goes.

 What we do

We make things easy.

Lasting Partnerships

Unlike with the Assigned Risk Program, there are no turnovers with our standard carriers. Meaning, you won't have to rewrite policies every few years.

Less Hassle

We like to make the annoying things a little less annoying. That's why we have no mid-term audits, and offer easy renewals with the click of a button.

Streamlined Experience

Our programs can either be written 100% online, start to finish, or are well on their way. Regardless, we've made the process of writing business with us super simple.

 Our Partners

We work with the best.