Workers' Compensation for Truckers

Workers’ Compensation for Truckers

Ah, trucking. A great class of business to write, but sometimes hard to place. Trucking has a wide variety of forms, with the primary factor of importance being whether or not the driver is performing their duties locally or OTR. 

Whether or not your client is an owner operator or a fleet owner, someone delivering food or an Amazon package, everyone has different needs. And, there’s usually a place for everyone to get the right workers’ compensation protection. 

So, where to start? First, you need to know who you insured is, and what they are looking for. If they are a solo operator with no employees, they may be eligible for instant quotes on the spot.

If your insured has drivers they are working with, they may want to get multiple quote comparisons to find the best option for themselves and their team.

While quotes for owner operators typically have a faster turnround time, those working with other drivers usually require additional information to be answered. In this case, all you would need to do is  fill out a quick application. From there, you would be sent a short supplemental. Once the supplemental has been completed, the application information will be sent to applicable carriers. You will then be notified when the quotes are returned, and oftentimes you will receive multiple quotes for you and your client to analyze.

Not sure how to prepare ahead of time for a supplemental questionnaire? Here are a few quick topics you may want to cover before you get started. 

  1. What type of vehicle is the insured using?

  2. What is the driving radius of this trucker?

  3. Does the operator do loading and unloading?

  4. Do you have the DOT number? 

  5. Have you looked up this insured in SAFR to understand the complete scope of the risk?

  6. Is the driver hauling their own goods?

  7. What does the driver pull?

Having a grasp on this information will not only make things easier, it will also help speed things up. And, there’s nothing speedier than an instant quote. Even if it’s not instant, having multiple quote comparisons all in one place at your fingertips is surely faster than going to several carrier platforms to quote. Speaking of quick and easy, you can completely avoid the Assigned Risk. Score! 

When it comes to insurance, we all know that cost makes a big difference to an insured. While some carriers have a minimum premium of $10k across all states, some can be as high as $30k. It all just depends on the type of driver, and where they’re driving.

Interested in offering your trucking client quick and easy worker’s comp? Get started with our three workers’ comp products for truckers.

Solo X: A minimum premium workers’ comp ghost policy. The owner is excluded. A 24-hour accident policy is included – providing coverage on or off the job. Long haul and local drivers eligible. Get an instant quote. 

Solo I: Workers’ comp for owner operators. The best way for a driver with no employees to gain coverage. Financing accepted. Local driving within a 150 mile radius. Get a quote.

Plus: Workers’ comp for those with employees. Can include or exclude. Up to 70% subs permitted. Financing accepted, pay plans available. Long haul and local driving, case by case basis. (which part is case by case?). Get multiple quote comparisons.

That’s all for now, folks! 

  • Hannah and the SolePro Team 

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